The war for top talent is fierce. We help you take a holistic and sustained approach to developing a talent pipeline.

Talent to Value

Every organisation we talk to is struggling to attract and retain top talent in new and critical areas such as digital and data. Yet, in the strongest seller’s market for talent that we have ever experienced, where there has been a radical shift in the fundamental expectation of what a job should offer and the expectation of how work gets done, most companies suffer from a “denial of difference” when it comes to new talent profiles. They commit to small incremental changes in their approach to talent, thinking that this will put them ahead of their competitors.

The size and scale of the talent challenge means incremental simply won’t cut it. We help clients to create step change outcomes when it comes to the attraction and retention of new profiles.

We take a holistic approach to help to:

  1. Industrialise your talent engine – fundamentally shifting the candidate experience to make it better suited to the expectations of those who have grown up in the digital age.
  2. Create a step change upstream – create market presence in the right communities to build relationships and employer credibility that leads to top quality candidate applications.
  3. Create a step change downstream – your internal talent environment that encompasses career paths, evaluation and performance management, L&D, and working environment.

Winning the talent challenge requires a fundamentally different approach that will likely make the traditionalists in your organisation slightly uncomfortable. To really shift the dial, we don’t see any other way.