Talent War Room for Digital, Data, and other Technical Profiles

  • We can help you create informed recruitment plans based on a current and future state assessment
  • We can help you craft a compelling employer value proposition and establish longer-term talent market presence
  • We can redesign your new profile recruitment process and customise evaluation tests, templates and interviewer training for each role type 
  • We can help you build a scalable recruitment engine to rapidly find, evaluate and onboard new talent through a weekly sprint cycle with performance transparency
  • We can fulfil some of your immediate hiring needs through the process of setting up your Talent War Room

People Policies and Processes for New Talent Profiles

  • We can help you define performance evaluation methodologies, promotion criteria and performance management approaches for your new profiles
  • We can help you establish career hierarchies, remuneration structures and compensation ladders for new profiles
  • We can enable you digital working environment – from physical space set up, tools, and ways of working through to culture
  • We can help you craft learning & development policies and programs that will attract and help you encourage more growth from your new profiles

Talent to Value

  • We can help you to Identify the roles embedded within your organisation that drive disproportionate value
  • We can help you match the right talent to the most valuable strategic priorities
  • We can help you craft customised individual development plans for your top emerging talent

Digital & Data Education and Leadership Training

  • We can customise digital and data learning programs for senior executives and Boards
  • We can coach your senior teams (individually and collectively) around what it takes to effectively lead a digital and data-enabled organisation
  • We can create bespoke learning programs for middle management with or without our practical experimentation module

Learning Academies

  • We can help you establish digital and data learning academies for large parts of your organisation (e.g. data 101, performance marketing, machine learning, digital project management, web and app development, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, the new digital consumer)
  • We can teach you when and how to apply different approaches to problem-solving (e.g. design thinking, agile ways of working, problem structuring, driver trees)
  • We can co-create with you soft skill workshops (e.g. creative thinking, coaching, persuasion, communicating, presenting)

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