Vibrance’s Purpose

The acceleration of change is the only constant in today’s world. Our clients can’t afford to take baby steps around the big opportunities and challenges of our time such as leveraging digital and data, adapting to the new realities of work and talent, or transitioning to a green economy. Yet despite increasingly urgent executive level conversations, most organisations are making slow progress at best. Stakeholders expect more radical improvement. Cautious incrementalism means being left behind.

Vibrance helps our clients to find the courage to be bolder. We exist to help organisations innovate and grow by allowing them to unlock their most valuable asset, the potential of their people. We support the exploration and implementation of new business and operating models, and new ways of working that unlock the creativity and excitement of individuals.

Bottom line, Vibrance enables organisations to achieve ambitious step change outcomes. Day to day operational improvement is important but not our core focus. We work with organisations who are willing to transcend leadership cynicism and change the game. This often means creating the conditions for leaders to bring their whole selves to work and dare to explore what is possible, way beyond what is already known. Vibrance helps our clients translate and ground their bold aspirations into tangible enablers around process, governance, and ways of working that makes step change real.

Many of the greatest moments in our lives revolve around shared experiences. Most examples of successful step out growth or innovation involve small teams with a shared purpose around doing what is hard, what will shake up the system, and will tread new ground. There is an intangible camaraderie that emerges when teams rebel against mainstream convention to create something new. The leaders we work with are often craving a removal of the handbrakes – whether self-imposed or system driven – that prevents them from experiencing a collective sense of amazing achievement.

Vibrance exists to co-create these opportunities with our clients and in doing so, help them meet the financial and wider expectations of stakeholders. And, we want to do this in a way that makes a difference in the lives of the clients and colleagues with whom we work day to day.

Interestingly, reaching for the stars tends to have a galvanising effect on people. It speaks to creation, optimism, and the building of new possibilities. Innovation and growth, when successful, have a ripple effect across an organisation, the lives of those involved, and ultimately their communities. We believe that each positive experience that stems from being brave, encourages us to keep pushing the boundaries and rejecting the status quo as an inevitability. Small wins on the path to step change contribute to making the world a better, more equitable, sustainable and compassionate place.

Vibrance can act as the step change catalyst, the pebble in the pond. Our conviction is that multiple pebbles in the pond will create reinforcing growth and innovation waves that go well beyond the clients we work with. It will also help create workplaces that appeal to the talent of tomorrow, generating both optionality and excitement for a generation of younger workers who have different professional expectations and aspirations.

The Vibrance purpose is to make a positive difference by supporting our clients to achieve step change outcomes around Growth, Innovation and Talent, one organisation at a time, and watch the positive impact spread through the broader communities in which we operate.